• UV resistance up to 4 months*
  • Each layer of the product has UV stabilizers that slow down the aging process caused by weather conditions.
  • High water vapor permeability, thanks to which the membrane absorbs the moisture and directs it to the outside through the ventilation slot.
  • Completely waterproof, protects thermal insulation from the outside against rain or snow.
  • Thanks to its high grammage, it is highly resistant to mechanical damage that may occur during assembly work.

*refers to average annual irradiation in the Central European climate









  • MUSTANG 210 is a diffusion-open membrane, designed as a layer of initial coverage under the external roof covering.
  • MUSTANG 210 is also an excellent wind-insulating material, intended for the walls of buildings in skeletal structures.
  • Thanks to the low Sd coefficient, the MUSTANG membrane is used in roofs with thermal insulation up to the full height of the rafters, in which it is laid directly on the insulation.